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About the Emporium

For many years, Pam Jamison has been encouraged by family, friends, colleagues, and clients to share the knowledge and skills she’s developed as a speech and language pathologist. She is frequently lauded as the best SLP in the county (and her daughters argue it’s possibly the entire world). After retiring from her local school district, Pam decided she was at last ready to share her ideas with the world. That’s where the Emporium started.

As the Emporium was being developed, Pam decided she wanted to include ways for other SLPs to also share their hard work with others. The Emporium evolved from being a simple online commerce site into a community site where any and all are welcome to share and sell their lesson plans, theses, research, and more, with the goal being that sellers retained the majority of the profit (which is unlike a lot of the other websites with this function).

Welcome to Speech Steps Emporium! We hope you’ll find what you need while you’re here, and if you don’t, let us know. We’ll do what we can to fulfill your needs. (And if you are interested in selling your products with us, send us a message on the contact page. We’ll reach out and get the process initiated.)

Site attributions:

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